Warren Pierce

Publication: WJR Radio

Warren PierceWarren Pierce, a “founding member” of The Detroit Film Critics Society, was born and raised in Detroit and has spent most of his adult life on radio and television, developing a reputation for being first, fast, and fair with the most interesting people and stories in the world.

The majority of his broadcasting career has been at WJR Radio, hosting a talk/interview program. Since 1976, he has introduced his listeners to everyone from presidents and heads of state…to movie stars and sports celebrities and everyone in between. When he isn’t talking to newsmakers and news breakers, he’s been on the road…having taken his program all over the world. Live shows have included France, England, Iceland, Italy, China, and Japan to name just a few. Warren has interviewed over 60 thousand people…and still counting. If it’s going on…it will be going on the Warren Pierce Program.

Warren has four daughters and over the years they have been part of his guest lineup as well. Be a part of his broadcasting “family” on Saturday mornings between 5 and 8am and on Sunday from 6-8am.

You can find The Warren Pierce Show on Facebook.