Michelle Kisner

Publication: spolierfreemoviesleuth.com and godhatesgeeks.com

Michelle Kisner has been writing about film in the Detroit area for the past five years. While she enjoys everything cinema has to offer, she holds a special place in her heart for cult, horror, and B movies. She is also a reoccurring guest on Reel Crime, a film geek podcast. Her reviews have been featured in The Holland Sentinel newspaper and Friction, an e-zine based in Michigan.

Michelle’s favorite films include Pan’s Labyrinth, Dawn of the Dead, Legend, A Clockwork Orange and basically every movie made in the 1980s. She is an avid collector of physical media to include films, comics and video games. When she isn’t at her day job as an air traffic controller, she is either at the theater, or playing synths in an industrial band. Her shining moment in life is when she interviewed Lloyd Kaufman.

You can find Michelle online at the Reel Crime Podcast, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email her.