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The Detroit Film Critics Society is proud to announce their Best of 2014 nominees and winners in ten categories. The society was founded in Spring 2007 and consists of a group of eighteen Michigan film critics who write or broadcast in the Detroit area as well as other major cities within a 150-mile radius of […]

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Despite Unfriended’s shortcomings, it’s still unfair to call the whole thing a failure. While it’s hard to say the film’s gimmick works exceptionally well, it does at least work – and work well enough to hold the viewer’s attention for the film’s running time. And Unfriended’s creators certainly deserve some credit for that.

It Follows reviewed by Patrick Dunn

March 20, 2015
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Horror is the most formulaic genre in cinema – or, perhaps, simply the one in which filmmakers seem most willing to rely on formula. The genre often descends into a spiral of derivative shtick, with the occasional good or great film spawning ten knockoffs that then give rise to another fifty of their own imitators.

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Jupiter Ascending reviewed by Patrick Dunn

February 8, 2015
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Directors Andy and Lana Wachowski wowed the world with “The Matrix’s” genre mash-up, but their latest, “Jupiter Ascending,” opts instead for a baffling mishmash of narrative tones.

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